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According to experts, cocktails served in a Moscow Mule Mug gains a unique flavor due to the copper construction, which keeps the drink colder than a glass. All over the world, Moscow Mule Mugs are used in restaurants and bars, not only to serve vodka or cocktails but also for many other exquisite drinks. Why? Because copper is an efficient thermal conductor and can maintain temperatures for both cold and hot beverages. In other words, the Moscow Mule Mug keeps cold drinks fresh and hot liquids warm until you are done.

Finding the right set of Moscow Mule Mugs is not easy, especially when every other item is on sale. To help you find the right one, we have collected the 10 best Moscow Mule Mugs.

15 Best Copper Mugs For Moscow Mule In 2023

1. Mule Science Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Overall, the Moscow Mule Copper Mugs from Mule Science are sleek, sturdy, and versatile. One of the best containers to serve chilled cocktails around the year, anywhere in the world.

This set of four mugs from Mule Science is made of pure copper. All the four glasses in this set have a hammered finish, and each of them weighs 16 ounces. The collection also includes a copper shot glass and a recipe booklet.

Moscow mule cocktails taste better in authentic copper mugs. Copper brings the real taste of vodka, lemon and ginger beer from your drink. For the same reason; the cups are designed using 100 percent pure copper to give you an unmatched drinking experience. Apart from that, 16 ounces is the right size for the cocktail and some ice cubes.

Due to its pure copper construction, the mugs can maintain the temperature of a cocktail, vodka or any other drink for hours. The outer part of the cups is lacquered which enhances the natural look of copper and protects it from scratching and tarnishing. However, the interior is not finished with lacquer, so users are advised to be careful while hand washing these mugs. Also, you should avoid using any acidic cleaning solution or a cleaner with toxic chemicals that could tarnish its surface.


Its made of pure copper

The perfect size of 16 ounces

Lifetime warranty

Tarnish resistant exterior


Tarnishes easily and quickly if washed using a harsh cleaner

2. A29 Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Handcrafted and polished A29 copper mugs are made to provide you with the real experience of a Moscow Mule. Even if you try any other drink in these mugs; you are guaranteed to enjoy the right taste and freshness.

The Mule Copper Mugs from A29 is one of the best containers to welcome your guests. The set features four glasses with a capacity of 16 ounces each, copper-made shot glass and a recipe book that shows you several ways to make a cocktail.

All four mugs are hand-constructed using copper to provide you with a personalized feeling and durability. The cups contain no nickel or steel, just pure copper that keeps the drink cold for a long time. If you are serving a hot drink in these mugs; they are capable of keeping it hot for a long time.

The set has a lacquered exterior so that it can shine for a long time. Interiors are not lacquered, so you should only hand wash the mugs using neutral cleaners.


100 percent pure copper

Impressive design

Includes a shot glass and recipe booklet

Perfect capacity


Can be easily stained if used with a cleaner containing harsh chemicals

3. Benicci Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

The copper mugs from Benicci have got rave reviews. They can add a lot of style to your house or restaurant. One of the best gift items to friends or family members who love Moscow Mule or cocktails.

With authentic copper construction and a hammered finish, these copper mugs from Benicci have a capacity of 16 ounces. With four glasses, you get four copper straws, a measuring jigger, and a recipe booklet. Doesn’t it look like a perfect gift?

Due to its copper construction, the glasses can keep your drink chilled for a longer duration. Copper also reacts with lime juice to create citric acid that adds to the flavor of your cocktail.

All the mugs have sturdy handles which are easy to handle and comfortable to hold. The glass is lacquered on both sides, but you are still recommended only to hand wash it. The lacquer protects the metal from tarnishing and enhances the shine. It is also safe for cocktails, vodka or other drinks. The polished finish and the hammered surface gives them an old school as well as elegant appearance.


Stunning appearance

Made of pure copper

One-year warranty

Includes gifts


Gains black spots or changes color if not hand washed or cleaned with chemically engineered liquids.

4. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Set of 4 by B.WEISS

Smart buyers purchase a product that can provide complete value for money. Personal use or gift item, B.Weiss gives you one of the most authentic copper mugs for Moscow Mules or any other cold and hot drink. Apart from the right taste, the collection also gives you the right returns of your investment.

If you need a perfect gift for someone who loves cocktails, nothing can be better than a set of four Moscow Mule Copper Mugs by B.Weiss. When you purchase the collection, you will get four free copper made straws, four coasters, and a shot glass. And all these items neatly wrapped in a beautiful gift box. Pretty neat, right?

The manufacturers have used only copper in the construction of the mugs and other included items. They are built to last, and the makers are so confident in their product that they offer a lifetime warranty on it. With all these features, this can easily be an appropriate gift for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Ideal for ice tea, coffee, beer, rum, vodka, whiskey, run, and all the cocktails, the mugs have a size of 16 ounces. The size is perfect for your drink and some ice cubes, so you do not need to worry about the spills. Also, the mugs have a very smooth lip line, which makes sipping better.


Decorative finish

Food safe lacquer to prevent tarnish


Perfect size


High price in comparison to other Moscow Mule Copper Mugs set

5. Advanced Mixology Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

The cups from B.Weiss are well-constructed and look so beautiful that you will hate to hide them. Keeps the drinks cold for a long time and, as the mugs are not only built for Moscow Mule, you can also enjoy vodka or whiskey with the copper pureness.

Copper mugs from Advanced Mixology have a unique construction without using any rivets. It’s the reason why these Moscow Mule Mugs will remain beautiful and intact for many years. Also, the stylish appearance of these glasses makes them perfect for both regular and party needs.

Apart from copper, the makers have not included any other metal or material in the construction of these mugs. So, expect pureness from the first sip of your cocktail. Perfectly sized for your Moscow Mule, the mugs are also tarnished resistant. There is a food grade lacquer coating that protects the cup and its shine.

With the glasses, you will get two coasters and also a lifetime warranty. You can ask for a 100 percent refund if you are not satisfied with the product. This means the makers have complete trust in their product.


Lifetime warranty


Can be an excellent gift


Weak soldering at handle areas may break if the mug falls from a decent height

6. Moscow Mule Mugs by Copper-Bar

Amazing mugs that also come with a new shot glass and straws. If you or someone in your family is a fan of Moscow Mules or cocktails, it can be the perfect purchase for personal use or gift.

Made of 100 percent high-quality copper, the Moscow Mule mugs by Copper-Bar keep your drink fresh and frosty for a long time. With the glasses, the set includes four straws and a shot glass, both made of copper. It also contains two eBooks where you can look for cocktail recipes.

The mugs have a stable base, so you will be able to rest the drinks while you chat with friends or work on the computer. They are also coated with a tarnish resistant food grade lacquer that keeps the mugs shining. Included as a gift, the straws are broad and easy to drink. Due to their width, the straws are also easy to clean.

Do you know that copper is required to make red blood cells (RBCs), nervous system maintenance and a robust immune system? Copper-Bar Moscow Mule mugs help you get a small amount of copper regularly. Copper is a known anti-oxidant, and it also discourages bacterial infections. It is also responsible for the oxygen flow in our blood.


The protective layer on both sides

100 percent guaranteed refund in case of dissatisfaction

Includes four straws and a shot glass


The lacquer layer will wear off if cleaned with a chemically mixed cleaner

7. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Set by Yooreka

Yooreka copper mugs arrive in a beautiful box, so you can easily gift the set to someone on an anniversary or birthday. You can also use the elegant looking cups at your house or bar where it will not only look unique but will also gather some appreciation.

Moscow Mule is one of the best refreshing drinks you can have. To enjoy the taste, the only thing you need is a copper mug that can keep it chilled as well as delicious for a long time. The copper mug set from Yooreka has everything that can help you to enjoy Moscow Mule and all other cocktails.

Made with pure copper without using any fillers like nickel, these handmade mugs have a classic appearance. The set has four copper straws that are reusable, of course, and looks far better than plastic sippers. By reusing the same straw, you will not create many landfills to damage the environment. It also includes a copper-made shot glass that you can use for tequila shots or measure the ingredients while making cocktails.

A set of four wooden coasters is another gift that the collection contains. Made of pale mango wood, these coasters look stylish and protect the table or countertop from the moisture of a chilled mug.


Made of pure copper

Lacquer coating to prevent tarnishing and protect the shine

Looks stylish and elegant


Not safe in the dishwasher

8. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Set of 4 by Moscow Mix

One of the best high-quality copper containers for Moscow Mule, the copper mugs from Moscow Mix gives you the real enjoyment of cocktails with your friends or colleagues. May feel heavy, but the cups are very durable and give you a comfortable grip.

Check Price

Great cocktails must be served in great mugs. Show the love for Moscow Mules by drinking from a copper mug. And if the cup is from Moscow mix, then it is sure to have 100 percent copper construction. That’s right, the set of four Moscow Mule Copper Mugs from the brand are made only of copper. The mugs not only give you a delicious cocktail but also add to the style.

The handcrafted mugs give an elegant look to your bar and are also durable due to its handcrafted construction. It has a versatile capacity of 16 ounces so that you can utilize the mugs, not only for cocktails but also for vodka, whiskey or rum. The size is perfect for the drink and a few ice cubes.


Perfect size for all the drinks

Lacquered exterior to protect the shine and prevent tarnishing

Large and comfortable handle


Develops black spots instantly after harsh washing or using low-quality cleaners

9. Krown Kitchen – Moscow Mule Copper Mug

Great looking mugs with some extra gifts. The cups have impressive quality, made to be durable due to the combination of stainless steel and copper. Gives full value for the price and is also a perfect gift for someone who likes whiskey or cocktails.

Elegant and beautiful mugs from Krown Kitchen is designed to provide you with the ultimate experience while having your favorite cocktail. On Amazon, you can either look for a set of four mugs or a pair, depending on your requirements.

These mugs are made of high-quality stainless steel and then coated with a copper film. Such construction makes it durable and rust free for a long time. The mugs are thick and well-insulated so that you can use them for cocktails, coffee, and all other drinks. The ergonomic handles of the cups give you a comfortable grip and also adds to the beauty. You will realize its attraction power after getting appreciation from your friends and family members.

The price mentioned on Amazon is not only for the mugs. This set also includes coasters, a recipe book, and a cleaning cloth. The crucial part is cleaning, and you can spirit clean these mugs.




Ergonomic handle


No complaints from our review team

10. Kamojo Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Overall, a beautiful cocktail mug that you can use for anniversary or birthday parties. The copper build and stunning design adds to its value and makes a perfect gift for your wife, but only if you use a different box or get it wrapped.

Another high-quality Moscow Mule mug, this time from Kamojo. The engraved filigree and flower design on the mugs make them attractive and stylish. However, the cups come in standard packaging that is not suitable to wrap a gift.

Kamojo mugs are handcrafted and check all the criteria to be a perfect Moscow Mule container. And the first quality is complete copper construction. All the cups are made of 100 percent copper and have a capacity of 16 ounces. There is food grade lacquer to protect the shine and prevent tarnishing. With these mugs, you will also get four copper straws and a recipe book.


High-quality build

Attractive design

Leveled base


Not fit for dishwashers

Buying Guide: What to Look for in a Moscow Mule Mug Set?

After knowing some of the best Moscow Mule mugs available to purchase, you should also know about the features that make them a great cocktail companion. Here are some of the factors that need to be checked if you are on a hunt for copper mugs.

Build material

None of the Moscow Mule mugs are manufactured without using the right amount of copper, and that is the thing you should check first. An authentic Moscow Mule mug should be made of nothing but copper. However, nowadays it is common to find mugs with stainless steel as the primary material and copper as a thin coat. We also saw that there are mugs on this list that have food grade lacquer to protect the copper.

If you don’t have a medical condition that asks you to stay away from copper, look for a mug or set that’s only made of 100 percent copper.

Included accessories

Most of us would like a buy a set of mugs instead of a single glass. Whether you are purchasing the cups for your house, restaurant or gifting it to someone; you should always look for extra gifts or accessories like coasters, shot glass, recipe book, straws, etc. Most of the copper mug sets listed on our list come with several helpful additions.

Cleaning instructions

Regular cleaning on mugs fades the copper and even develops green or black spots. So, if you are a cocktail lover, be ready to spend some time reading the cleaning instructions included with the set. Some of the sets also include a cleaning cloth, so the cleaning is not going to be as tricky as it sounds. However, you have to follow the guidelines.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Where to buy Moscow Mule Mugs?

You can buy cocktail mugs from Amazon. You can also visit a store, but that will need some extra time and patience while on Amazon, you can order anytime and browse through thousands of products to choose one.

Can Moscow Mule mugs be used for hot drinks?

Yes, hot drinks are also compatible with Moscow Mule mugs made of copper.

Can Moscow Mule mugs go into the dishwasher?

No, the harshness of the dishwasher will discolor the copper mug.

Can we put a Moscow Mule mug in the freezer?

Yes, it will improve the taste of the cocktail.

Are Moscow Mule mugs safe to drink with?

Yes, you can safely use Moscow Mule mugs to have cocktails or vodka. To create an acidic component, copper needs to be in contact with any liquid for hours. So, it is advised not to keep any cocktail or alcoholic for an extended period. However, if you purchase a copper mug with food grade lacquer, you minimize any chance of an acidic reaction.

How to clean Moscow Mule mugs?

A Moscow Mule mug will stay with you for a long time if you wash it within 30 seconds after use. As we discussed earlier, you should always clean the cup following the instructions included with the set. If there are no cleaning guidelines given with the cups, then wash it with warm water using a mild cleaner. Once cleaned, dry it immediately using a soft cloth.


Moscow Mule is one of the most enjoyed cocktails across the world. If you love the drink, then it is essential to have the right container to have it. Copper mugs allow you to get a fresh, chilled and authentic taste of Moscow Mule.

Shopping for a set of copper mugs can be daunting if you do not have the right information. After reading the best Moscow Mule mugs and their buying guide, you are now equipped with the proper knowledge to buy the very best for your party times.

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